For the Children
Brahm's Lullaby
Lullaby and Good Night
Johannes Brahms

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Lullaby, and good night,
With pink roses bedight
With lilies o'erspread,
Is my baby's sweet head.

Lay, you down now, and rest
May your slumber be blessed!
Lay you down now, and rest,

May thy slumber be blessed!
Lullaby, and good night,

You're your mother's delight,

Shining angels beside My darling abide.

Soft and warm is your bed,

Close your eyes and rest your head.

Soft and warm is your bed,

Close your eyes and rest your head.

close your eyes.
Mother's right here beside you
I'll protect you from harm,

You will wake in my arms.

Guardian angels are near,

So sleep on, with no fear.

Guardian angels are near,

So sleep on, with no fear.
Lullaby, and sleep tight.

My darling is sleeping,
On his sheets white as cream,

With his head full of dreams.

When the sky's bright with dawn,

He will wake in the morning.

When noontide warms the world,

He will frolic in the sun.



Home imageThis is my home page.

It is about my home.

I am a Health-Care professional, and my heart is in my home and family.

So this page is about HOME and FAMILY!

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Here's Roy, Jr. and myself on Mother's Day, 1997 at Embers Restaurant, on Hilderbrand St., in Sandy Springs, Ga.; Beth Ann and Roy, Sr. were the photographers.

dar_roy.jpg (24446 bytes)

Here is where my daughter and I had a three day holiday in Aruba, Nov 12-15, '98 (she's a travel agent).

My husband, Roy, is publishing a book about Jesus.

St Patrick's prayer; the Lorica (breastplate).

Scriptures of Handel's MESSIAH.


Three (3) of my children  are still unmarried!!!!!

The new grandson is a another winner; Karen is a super expert in this as
well as all other departments. 

Jacob at 4 mos and 1 yr


My first grandson, ZACH, is a natural born winner, God's work of art (state of the art).

My oldest son, ROY E. is an entertainment lawyer with solid gold credentials.

My middle son, RANDAL, is an entrepreneur.

My youngest son, JONATHAN, is a amazing mover in the business world.

My daughter-in-law, KAREN (LEUTHOLD) is a beautiful, enormously talented artist and businesswoman, currently doing so many things it's mind boggling.

My husband, ROY,  has served as a public and private school teacher, principal and pastor. He is presently writing a life of Christ, THINGS KEPT SECRET. He and and I are members of an old-fashioned Methodist church here in Sandy Springs, GA.

Come back next week and I will have posted my mother's (Lucille Hefner Thomas) prize-winning recipe for a super cookie.

See you later, have a nice day.

Bye Bye


I'm going to be working on genealogies for:








Roy found a great silken program called 'Generations' from Sierra, and is combining it with 'Family Tree Maker' and we are making progress on most of these branches. 

These families can get really extended, can't they! Somehow, we're probably related to everybody

The genealogy project is underway and actually posted on the www; family members can obtain password access.



My Art - Dinning Room & Visited In St Petersburg , Russia Hermitage Gallery
Still-Life with Curtain and Pitcher by Paul Cezanne