Billy Graham's Problem:
Jews, or Something Else?

I feel a great sorrow for Billy Graham - and all the Grahams. Billy Graham is in a situation he cannot explain, cannot apologize away and cannot renounce without an impossible explanation. If he confesses that he is aware that ideological Jews and Evangelical Christians have opposite and irreconcilable views of reality, and are engaged in a cultural war over the soul of America, he will be forced into 'early' retirement.

Billy Graham has apologized the second time for his remarks to President Nixon about Jews dominating the media of America and polluting our morals. Graham's words on the tapes cannot be misunderstood. And still Graham has not addressed his subsequent fibbing when HR Haldeman reported them in 1994 in his memoirs. And he has made no reference to his admission to Nixon that he, Graham, was hiding his true feelings from his Jewish admirers. No one believes Graham in his current statements on the subject, now that he is revealed to have been false in '94 when he denied Haldeman's report. This is deeply tragic, since both Billy and his son and daughter preachers have been wonderfully explicit in proclaiming the Gospel recently. Franklin even makes an evident point to let all know that he is speaking as a servant of Jesus when he is in mixed company, and he gives scathing denunciation of Hollywood.

There is something tragic, dramatic and providential about all this. The Evangelical/Fundamentalist world holds views about Jews that are so mixed up they can only be described as 'crazy'. They believe everything Jews claim about World War II and Jewish suffering - burnings alive, soap from the fires, babies on bayonets, six million and more, and so on. They believe that God has chosen Jews as his 'Earthly' people, which, of course is the sum total of Jewish doctrine. This, while, all the time, preaching that Jews will lose their souls for eternity and suffer eternal torment if they pursue the 'Earth' as their inheritance: "What shall it profit a man if he should gain the whole world and lose his own soul." It is much crazier -- and far more dangerous -- than this.

Evangelicals are frantically raising money to bring Russian Jews to populate Palestine; it is God's plan. At least they believe it is God's plan; and they believe it so thoroughly that it is tied inextricably to their own assurance of eternal salvation. If God fails to give Palestine to the Jews, He might fail to welcome them into Heaven. It would be an event almost as volcanic as Saul of Tarsus' on the 'Road to Damascus' for, say, Joseph Farrah, the Evangelical journalist of to come to the realization that he loves a vision that is misanthropic, mistaken and potentially lethal for all humanity. That's half of the worst part.

Christians are donating the 'Earth' to the Jews, not only Palestine, but country Christians founded, the USA. This other half includes the bizarre fact that Evangelicals have no idea that they are fighting Jews every day and in almost every sermon. Rush Limbaugh is not exactly a religious zealot, but he will suffice for illustrative purposes. A large majority of Limbaugh's foes are Jews: the enemies he attacks, and those who attack him. Yet it seems that Limbaugh is totally unaware of this. Jerry Falwell seems equally unaware (but some of his adversaries, such as Alan Dershowitz are very much aware). Falwell even has a forest in Israel named for him. He supports every violent action and reaction the Israeli army takes against Palestinians.

Billy Graham is truly an anomaly; his recorded words reveal that he is aware that he and his fellows rail against Jewish influence every day on Christian media, and Sundays in the Christian pulpits of America. Maybe it is due to Graham's spiritual connection to the late Southern evangelist Mordecai Ham, who was known for his views on Jews. In any event, the views expressed by Graham, I know for a fact, are not voiced to one another, even in private, by Evangelicals - whether leaders or laity.

Evangelicals see their foes only as 'unGodly', not as Jews or anything else. Very few see what Graham and Nixon saw. Even Larry King (gentle Jew) expressed shock that a famous actor like Marlon Brando would say that Hollywod is run by Jews; but Hollywood figure (Jew) Rob Reiner quickly set him straight, letting the TV talk giant know that Hollywood is certainly a Jewish industry.

Bob Jones University has spent fifty years criticizing Billy Graham for being devoid of character, integrity and loyalty to Jesus. Yet Bob Jones University agrees fully with Graham that Earth has been promised to the Jews and that almost all of them will be killed as soon as we can encourage the great majority of them to return to Israel, annihilate as many Palestinians as required, take all the land. Only then will most of them die in Armageddon. Those who manage to survive, Evangelicals believe, will become fundamentalist Christians, joining them in forming the mother of all bureaucracies to administer a Taliban-like 'peace' for a thousand years (actually, much more severe than the Taliban: the thoughts of sinners will bring swift retribution.).

There is nothing more pressing in the world today than the necessity for Christians to realize that this Millennialist mania is not part of the historic creed, is illogical in the extreme and a threat to the entirety of mankind.

Billy Graham's jam is nothing compared to the fix we are all in. Jews disagree with Christians, and some are offended by Christmas trees, steeples, crosses and the Ten Commandments in the court house; but, it is Dispensationalist theology that is the curse of Christianity, America and the world.


Mordecai Ham

Mordecai Ham, 1877-1961

Evangelist Ham was the instrument of
Billy Graham's conversion. Ham was an
evangelist of the old school, unhesitating to
push a social agenda for prohibition.