Roy Greenhill Chooses The Internet's 100 Best Sites



Cyber Hymnal; Hundreds of Hymns and MIDIs

MIDIs; Thousands of MIDIS


John Wesley:
John Wesley - An On-line Exhibition
Kansas Wesleyan University Department of Religion & Philosophy
Methodist Archives Picture Gallery

Christian Resouces:

ACE Alliance of Confessing Evangelicals
As for My House Resources for family worship
Calvin's Institutes
CAPO Center for Advanced Paleo-Orthodoxy
Catholic Resources Peter's Net is an up-to-date search engine that rates Catholic resources

Christian Apologetics and Research Ministry Information on cults, theology, and more
Christian Art Resources
Christian Seminaries Seminaries of various levels of orthodoxy
Concise Matthew Henry Commentary A famous Puritan commentary(Wesley adopted it as his own 'Notes')
Contra Mundum Online magazine
Council on Biblical Man/Womanhood Information on gender issues
Credenda Agenda Online magazine
Creeds of Christendom All the creeds
Democracy in America by Alexis de Tocqueville-  One of the most significant American documents -- by a Frenchman -- a must read to understand America
Directory of Christian Organizations Many organizations listed with email addresses
Doctrine of Justification by Faith by John Owen
Early Church Fathers The 38 volume collection from the first 800 years of the church
Easton's Bible Dictionary Background information on people and places of the Bible
Electronic Public Library Excellent resource for John Calvin, but others as well
Fides Quaerens Internetum A hub for locating a variety of theological resources
Fire and Ice Search the Puritans! Use Java!
Fox's Book of Martyrs Influential
Gospel Grounds and Evidences of the Faith by John Owen
Grace Abounding in the Chief of Sinners A life-changing book by John Bunyan
Guide to Philosophy on the Internet Dr. Suber has linked to hundreds of primary texts
Hall of Church History Survey of the good, bad and ugly of Church history
Into the Wardrobe: The C. S. Lewis Web Site A fascinating journey into Lewis' world
Internet Classics Online Greek and Roman classics with search engine
Internet Theology Resources Links by subject makes this a gem of a site
Jonathan Edwards Online A work in progress of Edwards' writings
Jonathan Edwards Online II A repository of Edwards' writings from Wheaton
Logical Fallacies Index A study of the patterns of human non-thinking
Manuscript Support for the Bible's Reliability A brief summary of the evidence
RTS Online Home of Reformed Theological Seminary, Orlando, Jackson, Charlotte
SCCCS Southern California Center for Christian Studies

Spurgeon Archive Spurgeon's works 
Stand to Reason Apologetical resources
Summa Theologica by Thomas Acquinas
The B&R Samizdat Express A top 50 WWW site that gives links to literary works
The Book of Common Prayer Holy Communion Rite (1892)
The Doctrine of the Trinity and the Satisfaction of Christ by John Owen, Puritan master
The Ecole Initiative A remarkable repository of early church documents

The Fountain of Life Opened Up Solid Puritan thinking now online by John Flavel
The Glory of Christ by John Owen
The Highway Regularly updated resources to explore
The Universal Library A Java-driven index which takes time to load, but can be useful
Theological Resources Original source documents available, but little discernment
Westminster Seminary Home of Westminster Seminary, East and West
What Happened On This Day in Christian history? Click and pick a month and date

(as you can see, we are under construction -- and, of course, always will be -- come back)

Web Garage; A super service for webmasters; every book in the world

Bob Jones University; my alma mater

Methodist Missions; Evangelical Methodism at work

Hitler; Everything about the 20th Century's enigma

King James Controversy; The only site needed

Stalker's Life of Christ; World's Greatest Book


DrudgeReport; News Junkie Heaven

U.S. Congress; Write your Congressman

Mike Lindsay; Will teach you HTML

Register Your Site; A great free service


711 Christian Directory